Company History

SHARETTE has been in business since May 2007, although Larry Sharette has 35 years experience in performing, coordinating and managing the Startup and Commissioning of various projects from start to finish.  The experience includes startup and commissioning of Refineries, Power Plants, Complex Military Projects, Biotech Manufacturing, Telephone Switching Center, Office Buildings, Hospitals and Schools. 

Our Approach

Commissioning is normally considered to be at the end of the project, although Commissioning provides the best value when implemented early in the design phase. Throughout the project SHARETTE supports the project team with coordination between the Owner, Architect and Contractor. The Commissioning Agent (CxA) is a representative of the owner and as such we keep in mind the operations and maintenance of the project. The CxA will look to ensure that valves, controllers and junction boxes are accessible in the design and coordinated into the construction. We ensure As-builts are maintained and verified with the owners in the field before walls and ceilings are closed in so the owner has reliable documents for future reference. We test / challenge the systems to their design potential at full load and minimum load to ensure performance and reliability. We coordinate Owner Training to ensure the Owner has full knowledge and accurate information of their new systems.

Other areas of expertise are:
construction commissioning | calgreen code requirements | construction projects | commercial industries

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